Monday, June 22, 2009


i'm a woman now. yes, it's true. i'm the proud owner of a credit card. uh oh? i've been staring at it out of the corner of my eye for the past 15 minutes as it sits ominously (ominous is my favorite go to word for a lot of things, fyi.) on my desk. the thing is, i'm pretty responsible with money and almost cheap. I budget pretty well, although I occasionally overdraw my PNC account but whatever! i havent done that in a while. so now this new baby is in my life, good ol' Chase card and i'm petrified to use it.

Is it just me or are all girls taught that the second they get their credit card, they will turn into some sort of maniac shopping psycho and automatically buy the entire world because all of a sudden a piece of plastic is in their hands now? like, i'm not dumb i'll be fine but the idea of a credit card has scared me for the past couple years because of that very stereotype. "Sarah you do realize that a credit report will follow you your entire life, right? if you screw up, you won't get a home or a job and your skin will ultimately turn into fire and you'll disintegrate. you get that right?" or "If you lose that card, your heart is going to just turn into m&ms and you're gone." YES!

So credit card, it's me and you kid. I'll treat you right and probably just use you once a month for the slightest thing until my brain is fully matured. I'll walk down the street clutching my purse just assuming everyone i make eye contact with is trying to steal you from my wallet. Better safe than sorry, huh world? Bleh.

I need to build credit but i'm so scared. Whose fault is this? Probably my Mom or probably the MEDIA. I don't know. I just want to use my debit card forever and hide under my bed. Free credit songs will haunt my nightmares!

I think this momentous occasion calls for a nice purchase though...and its going to be this bad boy.