Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today I began sketching all my ideas for my next 'collection' of necklaces. I've decided to of course stick to my 'look' of golds, layers, charms and all of that, but with the next couple pieces i'm going to stick to a more specific theme (secret!) and i'm incorporating different objects into the designs that I've never used before so i'm excited. Hopefully when I'm finished, the necklaces will represent a whole other look than the others ones in the shop, but still in the same realm.

I begin summer classes in two weeks at a local community college. I really wanted to do this because a: i need the extra credits since i'm switching my major (along with my school, duh) so I have a couple I lost unfortunately. and B: i want to get real training in drawing and art before I go to an art school. So i'm taking an art history & a drawing class. I'll get six credits and also learn the ropes of drawing/sketching which is something I really need. I'm working on sewing this summer and I've already learned a lot, but now I need to know how to properly sketch whatever is in my brain onto paper and have it make sense.

This past year I took a graphic design class and my teacher constantly encouraged us to sketch any idea before we created it on the computer. I kind of rolled my eyes at it because I thought you could practice on the computer instead of paper. Well, she was right, because every time I sketched an idea first, I did better. With jewelry, often times people think that you can just piece it together as you go which can be successful usually, but i've learned that when I draw out whatever is in my brain first, and then watch it come to life, it's so much more rewarding. I feel as if it's really mine, which is something I'm constantly striving for since I'm using vintage/antique jewelry parts (aka: someone else's previous design).

SO needless to say, i'm pretty psyched about the ideas i've been coming up with and I hope I execute them well. If not, then oh well, i'll try harder next time. But i'm really having fun with it. I've been listening to the new Decemberists and in between creating things & reading all my blogs & gossip websites (RIP Farrah Fawcett!), i've managed to sneak a peek at the new Vogue documentary trailer. (above)

I cant stress enough that if I met Anna Wintour, she'd completely rip my life to shreds with one shake of her bob, but I still admire her (see post from last week for more on that) and I can't wait to see this.