Wednesday, June 24, 2009

not with yr bewtz ted.

One of my favorite blogs is called Sea Of Shoes, which is run by a 17 year old girl that is constantly impeccably dressed with the best shoe collection. Teenagers in general scare me, but usually the kind that hang out at the movie theater in Hazlet or walk around the mall looking for a fight, with messed up eyebrows, crunchy hair, and boyfriends with huge pants & fitteds. A 17 year old girl who knows more about fashion than I ever will, and just developed her own line of shoes for Urban Outfitters is completely entitled to intimidate me, without an Aeropastale wardrobe and permanent dirty looks. (Im still talkin about those scary Mall teens.)

From her blog, i've become a fan of such designers as ann demeulemeester, rick owens, comme des garconnes, and dries von dotten. The shoes above are my dream shoes that are often featured on Sea of Shoes. The boots look like they would be a nightmare putting on and would quite possibly make my body look like something completely frightening but I can still be a fan right? Shoes are cool, i'm realizing this more and more lately...