Saturday, May 9, 2009

it has suddenly become really windy out, and my two windows in my room are open so the wind is blowin' all over. it's reminding me of the part in Little Women when Beth dies and the wind blows through as an ominous sign, which is freaking me out but also making me want to dust off that classic VHS. favorite childhood movie.

okay anyway. i've been a stalker girl reading all of these interviews on paper mag's website. it reminds me of my favorite part of each Vanity Fair issue, called "my favorite things" i believe. It's basically just an interview asking people different questions regarding their 'favorites'. i think they are so interesting, so this section of paper's website has really kept me occupied. of course i decided to do my own, because hey, why the hell not.

you do one too, if you're readin this!

Name: sarah
Age: 20!
Location: New Jersey
Chosen occupation: student & eighty8 person
Best spring of my life: hm i'd say when i was a junior in high school.

Park for picnicking: i'm just going to say Deepcut Gardens in Middletown, not for picnicking really but for cutting class in high school and for beautiful days.
Massage: that's a funny rich joke
Haircut: salon concrete in red bank, or my mom
Upcoming Event: just summmmer.
Upcoming exhibition: this is another funny rich joke
Outdoor café: this tiny lunch place on river road in fair haven. i forget the name. it's perfect to sit outside and they have good sandwiches and iced coconut coffee.
Springtime cocktail: something fruity, like sangria. or basically anything that I am given.
Staycation hotel: lol wut
Spring flower: peonies!

Jeans: target..? sorry world.
Soap: philosophy's amazing grace
Shampoo: Dove energizing shampoo ( i don't know why my hair needs energy, i'm a sucker for pretty packaging. it's fine)
Moisturizer: Soap & Glory moisturizing lotion for hands/body. smells so good.
Springtime Fragrance: either white musk (i'm 90) or lolita lepicka like always.
Springtime Candle: i don't really light candles, mainly because a: i can't light a lighter and b: fire scares me. c: i don't have any cool springy ones. i will add this to my to-do list though.
Stationery: alright come on let's not push it
New episodes of: hmm...The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Spring escape: honestly, i just love sitting on my bed reading/listening to music with the windows wide open and the breeze blowin'. it's a very nice feeling. also, riverside gardens in red bank.