Friday, May 8, 2009

one of my dreams in life is to produce a line of handbags or at least become an insane handbag hoarder. so insane that Oprah has to feature me on her show as the "strange woman who has various rooms piled to the ceiling with handbags" and Dr. Oz has to talk some sense into me. I'm not sure why Dr. Oz would be doing this task since it wouldn't be a medical problem, but he'll be there anyway, wearing his scrubs.

So when I see independent handbag designers on Etsy, i get so excited for them and also jealous. I came across valhalla brooklyn recently and have been continuously going back to their shop to look at all of the bags and drool at them. All of the bags have a pretty simple aesthetic but when you look closely, they are unique in their shape and appear to be so smooth and..can I use the word luscious? okay I'm using it.

One of my favorite parts to the bags is the fact that when you open them, you're not greeted with a blah-boring-dull inside. The interior is a treat by itself, lined with beautiful floral, patterned, or plaid fabric. So when you search endlessly for your keys/cell phone/chap stick amongst all of your crap, you can see a beautiful sight and not just a big black abyss.

If you're thinking like I am, when and if you have some $ $ $$ to spare and need a new bag, stop by valhalla brooklyn.