Saturday, April 11, 2009

sugar high

there are many things that I have in common with my little nieces, or atleast remind me of me when I was their age. One thing in particular = getting sugar high.

they arent allowed to have many sweets but yesterday while I was getting coffee for myself at d&d, I brought the two of them with me and their little eyes became so huge and trans-like while looking up at all the colorful crazy donuts from behind the counter. I told them that I'd buy them each one chocolate munchkin for the car ride back to the beach house and they said ok.

Within about 10 minutes of eating the tiny donut holes, they turned into maniacs. Red faces, wild hair, screaming and calling me/eachother things like "lizard face" and 'toilet heads" in demon voices. Maya, who is usually quiet and calm, had actual drool all over her face from screaming and dancing so hard. "IM GOING TO THROW A HOUSE OUT THE WINDOW OF THIS CAR", she kept exclaiming. This all went on for about 20 minutes, until finally they just ran out of ways to describe a unicorn with sparkles, pizza, stars and cakes on it's face. I love them.