Friday, April 10, 2009

oh, i can't wait for this movie. zooey makes me miss my bangs (which are taking a short hiatus due to the fact that I cannot trim hair in an acceptable human way) they will be back soon, just in time for summer, frizz, heat, humidity and puffiness. perfect!

i'm pretty certain I got my first somewhat-negative comment from someone looking at my shop. is it neccessary to buy something, but also message me saying "i didnt fall in love with any jewelry though". well obviously you didnt if you didnt buy any of it. oh well, that's not so bad. it will just be filed away in the folder of "backhanded compliments" in my brain, right next to "aww you and your boyfriend are so cute. you look like you could be brother and sister or something." yep, that happened once.