Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i'm not sure what it is, but as soon as I get onto the garden state parkway south, heading down from PA, i get an instant feeling of happiness. it's pretty nice to love home. break so far has been great. every day until I arrive back at school, i have something to do and someone i love to see. tonight i had a long dinner with my dad in red bank, and it made me realize that he's the only guy i ever wanna go out to dinner with for many many years. who needs dates and weird conversation when you can just go out to dinner with your dad. that statement is probably going to come and bite me in the ass when i'm 45 and alone? oh well.

oh, and as the weeks left in PA are dwindling, i have made a mental list in my head of the things i will miss. maybe one day i will share them. of course i will miss the good friends that i've made, that's a given. but there are many retarded things that Im going to miss. One such thing is NEPA coffee and donut heaven Curry Donuts.

i've become quite the curry donuts expert. there are three curry donuts (the worst name for a donut place, i might add. there is no curry spice in the product fyi.) in walking distance from where I live and i have rated them all on not ony prices (YES THEY ARE DIFFERENT), but specials (large coffee and a free donut for 1.75) and service.
I must say that my favorite is the Curry Donuts by the PA turnpike entrance. now, this one is special because it is very exclusive and often times has hardly maybe i'm wrong, but everytime I go there (usually before I head home to NJ), i ask for some type of new-fangled-crazy-god-damn product, like an iced coffee, and the woman working just gosh-darn doesnt have it. i'm typing the sentences like this because that's how they talk at this particular Cur Don. this shop, i might add, is a drive thru. what is so wonderful about this drive thru is that it's just a very DIY cut out in the wall and you have to beep your horn to be heard.

Once you have beeped your horn, you see the tiniest old woman with THE biggest blonde/white beehive hair-do in the world approach you with the happiest most caring face. She's usually always wearing a type of Holiday sweater that doesnt match society's calender, but it infact matches curry donut society calender. Today, she told me she had no flavoring and no iced coffee but she'd make me it anyway? I just said "yes please" wondering how this was going to go down, and took in the glory of her Christmas sweater (side note: i was driving home for my Easter break. just sayin) About 5 minutes later, she emmerges with the most accomplished face in the world exclaiming "i made this just for you! special! how do you like it?". I took a sip, looked her directly in her eyes and said "it is perfect. thank you", paid, said goodbye and drove away. if that's not good service, then i don't know what the fuck is.