Saturday, April 4, 2009

i added some new headbands to the shop. I made them last weekend while I was home. My Mom took me to this huge fabric store down in Lakewood and I was overwhelmed by all of the beautiful fabrics, buttons, ribbons and embellishments that they had. Girly overload. I paced myself and chose three types of trim and whipped up these headbands. Check them out!

on another note, I love saturday afternoons. my roommate and I walked downstairs and down the street to this flea market at the salvation army community center. it was filled with friendly old people and their junk but it was precious. we managed to find a couple good gems (such as a really great bird & clock pendant for only 25 cents & lunch/coffee all for 1.50. i guess thats a good deal) it was cute. last night, my friends and i even ventured to a tiny coal mining town called SHAMOKIN (the funnest thing to say/scream) to see my cousin's band play. driving on the isolated highways with the strangest but coolest views = a good time. i'll miss certain aspects of PA.

tonight- homework/phoenix & seth rogen on SNL. very ready for that.

also, today i'm all about listening to the Allman Brothers for some reason.

Ramblin Man - The Allman Brothers Band