Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tamra Davis is a well known director of many films and music videos. She's directed such bands as Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill, the Lemonheads and yep, even Hanson. Davis married Mike D from the Beastie Boys, had two sons and has put out a new cook book & cooking show videos on her website. I first read about her through the GOOP online newsletter, and I've been watching her fun cooking videos today and i cannot wait to get home to a stove and try some of the recipes out. She cooks fun foods with healthy twists and incorporates her tiny sons & even has great music like my favorite Sonic Youth song "Reena" playing in the background of the videos.

I have to be the neurotic old woman and admit that i cant get into the idea of having a bunch of little kids cooking pizza for me with their feet touching the dough, call me old fashioned. however, the whole idea of this is cute & good and her life seems really cool. bitch.