Thursday, April 2, 2009


so, i just made the mistake of reading my high school livejournal which was from freshman year til last fall, and uh oh. yikes.

anyone who was my friend on livejournal, im sorry for all of the obnoxious entries. some made me smile but most made my now older-more mature-distinguished-cooler-jaded eyes roll (that should have made your eyes roll.) however, it did make me cry because LUCKILY I chronicled the worst teen drama filled year of my life (senior year baby). filled with a broken hearted break up with my first real love, tons of awkward times, weird depression, acting out, and tons of bitchy girl fights (with a real life latina regina george). my good ol' year of crazy. what could be better? i can turn it into a screenplay and have zac efron play me or something. it's that cliche.