Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tonight i was struttin' around the women's studies aisle at barnes & noble, trying to find a new book to read (which i found and i'm so excited to read. it's called "the female thing: dirt, envy, sex and vulnerability"), and this tiny 10/12 year old somewhat feminine boy comes over and pulls the book "stud & slut: the exploration of the double standard" and starts reading it so hard. i love people.

sitting on the bus that we took from town to town in europe, I had this strange epiphany. I was leaning my head against the window, looking out onto the feilds and tiny towns that we would pass, looking at these crazy things that people have built thousands of years ago or currently, or observe the faces of people that I never knew existed, have never met and will never meet.

The entire week that I was away, I literally never thought of anything negative about myself, or about much of anything else (well maybe a tiny complaint here and there). It became clear to me that the more you keep moving, seeing things, meeting people, the less you can be negative or hate people/the world/yourself, or be depressed. How can you? How is it possible to be sad or think you look fat in those jeans or worry about thinking about that guy who didnt call you back 3 months ago when there are so many fucking interesting things to appreciate? I even met this really great Irish gentleman one night and he completely agreed with me on that. The best cure is to expose yourself (not in THAT way. come on.) to so much. It made me realize that whenever I am down and out, being hard on myself or others, I know my cure: keep moving.

in other news: i cannot fucking waaaaaaait to move to savannah, GA. it's really hitting me. however, summer comes first..and that is exciting too.