Tuesday, March 10, 2009


after a great 'spring break', i am now back in my nook in wilkes-barre. cozy and warm in my bed, feeling quite accomplished. here are a couple things going on in my life right now :

  • i have officially opened up shop on etsy! http://eighty8clothing.etsy.com. i'm curious to see how this goes. it's all pretty exciting, especially because i've been contacted by two stores that want to sell my things? a little too soon but so flattering, and absolutely motivating. i have a long ways to go. it makes me so happy to think that i will be studying how to do this. for a living!
  • i spent a week in europe for my spring break. I went with a group from my school, and met so many great people. we stayed in strasbourg, france (right on the German border) and we visited three German towns (Heidelberg, Trier and Frieburg. all beautiful) and a spontaneous trip with two fellow travelers/King's students/new friends to Zurich, Switzerland which was amaaaazing. All in all, i loved it. Just what i needed.
  • my grades are so good right now, despite my lack of motivation to go to class and listen. I'm pullin' through.
  • i just want to be alone. for the first time in my life, the thought of a guy or a relationship makes me cringe. this is the perfect time (hmm like the next 5 years..is ten pushing it?) to be single. i don't want anyone! i really don't.
  • the thought of spring and summer makes me have butterflies. we've had sporadic (sp?) days of warmth the past couple weeks, where I could open the windows and walk around without a coat. About two weeks ago, it was so beautiful out that I was laying on my bed in my dorm reading with the windows open and I heard babies singing and laughing from the city streets below. the perfect scenario. they were with their leader (aka: daycare person)
  • sleepy-ness is finally setting in. bye

I will post pictures of my trip as soon as they are uploaded! ~