Friday, March 13, 2009


hi blog, i just wanted to say that i've had another collette reardon week. every single day, i rolled out of bed looking like a prescription pill adict, with leftover makeup on my face (although I could have sworn I washed it off the night before? what?), atleast 10 minutes late, hatin every class, taking too many naps that make me feel like shit, craaazy mood swings, and not being able to concentrate on anything.

And ya know what? I even made an attempt to be 'green' during this mental time of mine (THATS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU EARTH), but it ended up backfiring. I bought one of these guys and it's metalic-goo-color-dust-dirt-something started seeping into my water turning my mouth a weird color. fuck you. last time I try and be eco-friendly.

Some advice to people feeling this way, don't ever take scissors into your hands and attempt to cut your bangs (especially with the help of your equally-tired-stressed roommate) because you will end up looking like Grandma Winslow from Family Matters. Or the Berries and Creme guy.

maybe i'll take some sleep aids (true story: two days ago, i stumbled to the counter at rite aid with my hair looking like i just rolled around on a haystack and my coat halfway on my shoulders, exclaiming" WHERE ARE THE SLEEP AIDS?" with a look of murder in my eyes, the woman just stared at me and confidently told me where they were, no questions asked.) on 6pm sunday night, wake up refreshed Monday morning like my old self 3 weeks ago. Pro-active, ready for the day, no naps, clear headed. Yes. that's the plan.

i realize that this post of complaining and "wHATs WroNg WIth mEEeE" totally defeats the purpose of my last entry about appreciating everything. and trust me, through these crazy eyes, i'm still doin' okay. I just had one of 'those' weeks. dont h8.

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