Monday, February 6, 2012


1. trip to anthro 2. my cozy nj bedroom 3. magazines,fur,coffee,airport 4. my new favorite flowers

Lately there is a lot of change occurring but also a lot of feeling stagnant. Does that make sense? Probably not, but that's okay. School is school, feeling less and less motivated as the days go on. I'm on my way out, there's even a "for rent" sign living outside of my beloved apartment. My foot is halfway out the door but I'm looking forward to really having fun and soaking in Savannah for the next month and a half. I love this little city so much, the thought of leaving my apartment makes my heart literally sink. So I want to give this chapter in my life the right 'close'. It was really a beautiful time and I've gotta end it on a good note.

Last week I chopped my hair off and though I miss my long hair, it feels good to get rid of a good portion of it. "Just get it off me" was kind of my attitude toward it. It was just very THERE and not doing any good for me. I felt it had too much of the past two months' worry leftover in it and it was starting to show. So bye. Also, i've become a full fledged lipstick and nail polish collector/obsessor. And today? Scored big at the Jason Wu section of Target. This weekend I was in NJ and stopped in the Target there and EVERYTHING was gone. Savannah's Target had basically everything and I snagged my favs. Polka dots, pink, navy, bows GALORE.

February...take your time, okay? I got some things to savor for a bit.