Tuesday, October 25, 2011


1. rachael & i at local11ten 2. pulling holiday looks for a photoshoot 3. beautiful home at palmetto bluff ,sc when i was there with my mom 4. a holy moment

according to my iphone, this is what i've been up to lately. these photos sum up the last three weeks of my life pretty well aside from the fact that I haven't been instagram-ing the nonstop work i've been putting into all of my school projects. that's pretty boring stuff to take pictures of most of the time, ya know.

i am squeezing relaxation/some fun in when I can but it's senior year of college. this is no joke, y'all! it's crunch time since the end of the quarter is approaching and i'll be jettin' off to chicago for my birthday. work can take a back seat for three days because i got somewhere to be and someone to love. oh, and i've got to go ahead and turn 23 years old too while i'm at it.

hey, are you curious what the deal is with the fourth picture up there? that's just my pals chris & jessica, me & mike (ma boyfrand) and Chef Jerome. While I want to say that he's famous, i'm not quite sure he is in reality but in his own head...oh man. He's the KING! i wish i had enough hand muscles/strength to type out detail by detail how the experience of going to jerome's old school diner in ?, GA was like but you'll have to just go to the website & use your imagination. Keep in mind it was pouring raining with thunder/lightning, we were the only patrons in the restaurant and there was a ton of fried food and hugging involved. Only in Georgia.

5. an old building near my apartment & the year it was built 6. strawberry & mint lemonade 7. setting up the decor (aka: holidaying up my fireplace area) for a group magazine photoshoot. 8. one of my favorite buildings near SCAD's Arnold Hall