Tuesday, September 13, 2011

missoni for target

So, obviously, like any red blooded girl who loves fashion (AND Target) I was thrilled to head over to Target at 10am (ok 1030am) to shop the Missoni for Target collection. "How picked over could it be in Savannah, GA?", I thought. Well, the answer to that is very picked over. I forgot how much these girls love to shop down here plus, i'm sure my entire major was there pounding down the doors. That happened. A beardy man working there told me, with the most frightened eyes, that "girls were banging on the doors before we even opened and went crazy!". Oy. But also understandable..

Still, the aisles were filled with 'leftovers' that were presumably just as fantastic as the sold out items. I found almost everything that I had my eye on (except the blanket and bath towels :( wah.) and I kind of skipped over the clothing because that might be too much. Home items, fine. But you KNOW everyone and their dog will be sporting the clothes and that might be excessive. However, I did pick up a pair of colorful & perfect flats. The only pair that wasn't a size 3 or 1 and they were just my size so I took that as a sign and threw them in my big ol' red cart.

I wound up with just a few items and that is a-okay with me. Although my heart still aches for the candles & picture frames. My apartment is entirely too small to overload it with the Missoni stripes so a little here and there is just right. In fact, within two minutes of being home I was able to use the packaging from my shoe box to create two home items. I am very proud of myself! Utilizing what I've got, that's ma deal and you can do it too! You're welcome. ;)

When I asked the beardy Target man when he'd be re-stocking the items, he told me "never. this is it." My face must have looked like a child that had it's hot dog stolen by a seagull at the beach (Ahem. That happened to me once.) That's it, folks. So go get what you can because you know you want to.

And to Missoni? Congratulations. Not only a design inspiration but a total big whopping marketing inspiration. Causin' all this chaos based on a couple of stripes and a respectable sought after brand name. Hats off to you.