Saturday, June 18, 2011

opening ceremony resort 2012

Maybe i'm biased now that I'm interning with them (well, for their PR company) but I really love Opening Ceremony's clothing line. Part of my job is to manage the showroom for this particular PR firm, which carries a bunch of wonderful labels including OC. So I get to really analyze and understand all of the pieces and where they belong, how they feel, etc. Opening Ceremony's Pendleton collaboration is really one of those dream worthy creations that makes your heart and soul feel so cozy as soon as you lay eyes on them. Even though it's often really hot in the showroom, feeling how well made and beautiful the Fall 2011 pieces are from OC (and the other labels as well) is pretty nice.

I did several projects on Opening Ceremony this past school year and I really enjoy reading about and exploring their brand. They started off as just a clothing store but have expanded into other territories and have really taken the idea of 'non traditional retailing' to another level. They are in a league of their own. To look at their own clothing line up close and personal, or even in pictures, it is very apparent how detailed, precise and for a lack of a better word, interesting, the designs are. Now these are people who started off as shop owners but now produce beautiful clothing unlike anyone else's. I think that's impressive and inspiring. Name one brand like theirs. You can't. I'm happy they're getting more and more recognition and taking their name into other arenas. I'm looking forward to watching them grow and maybe even being able to afford a piece from their store. ha!

Obviously everyone knows this but good quality fabric really makes all the difference in the world. So next time anyone complains about Opening Ceremony's expensive price tags or about their selection of items offered, stop and think that you're really getting a unique and well made product. It's true. Just ask my hands and eyeballs. I look at and feel that shit 20 hours a week now.

Moral of this post: How good is their resort 2012 collection? I love the background prints and the styling in the photos so much.