Saturday, May 7, 2011

mother's day

my mom & baby me

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'm stuck in good ol' Georgia while my Mom is up north in New Jersey. I wasn't able to be with her last year either and that sucks. This year is different for my Mom because a couple of weeks ago, she finally made a dream come true for herself. After years of making floral arrangements for weddings here & there out of our garage, my mom finally opened up shop and started her own business full time. It's a big responsibility and it takes a lot of courage to 'pull the trigger' on a dream and I'm so proud that she did.

My Mom is a woman that I feel was truly meant to be a Mother. I can't think of one thing that she wouldn't do for not only my brother & myself, but for my nieces as well. She puts herself last on the totem pole and makes sure everyone else is taken care of first. We've always been close and sometimes I yell at her or give her a hard time, or she does the same to me but I truly consider her a best friend. She listens to me complain, cry, laugh, smile, everything. She's there for everything, even when it's not convenient. Hell, I'll even forgive her for not thinking I was her baby the first time she laid eyes on me. She thought the doctors mixed up and gave her another family's baby instead. I would have thought the same thing if I were her since I looked like I belonged to a family of sumo wrestlers.

I can't think of one idea that has popped into my head in my life that she didn't support. She's good at everything from giving me advice, to telling me to relax when I'm being crazy, making me laugh and smile, to being the best lunch date partner. She's passed on a lot to me, especially her love for interior design and nice things.

my grandma gen, my mom (in yellow) with my uncle kevin & aunt carole

I look back on how I've been alive for 22 years and how that feels like a long time. But then I think about how my Mom has been being my Mom for that long, putting me first for 22 years, being there for me in every way, shape and form for 22 years, and for even longer with my brother's life. And when I think about that, I can only hope and dream that I can be just as great of a Mom one day in the future.

my mom & my brother tim

One day when I'm a real person and when I have a job, instead of just sending cards and tiny gifts, I want to be able to really spoil my Mom all of the time. Because she deserves it. Not to mention she birthed two gigantic 10 lb babies. She deserves a lot just for that alone! Even if it was 20+ years ago.

I'm also keeping my two grandmothers in my thoughts tomorrow too. They aren't here anymore but both of them really play a huge part of who I am today. I think I have a little bit of them in me all of the time. Maybe it's because I'm secretly like an old lady in so many ways, and I really think they'd get a kick out of it if they were alive today to see it. I think they always knew though since I was little that I was kind of an old soul. When little happy things occur throughout the day or something really goes 'my way', I like to think they're my little angels watching out for me and guiding me down the right path.

So, Happy Mothers day to all of the mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, almost-mothers, etc. out there. You all have the toughest and most special job around.