Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hair vidz

sometimes when I can't sleep, I love watching youtube makeup/hair tutorials. i never do anything daring with my make up OR hair so I don't know why it's my favorite insomnia activity, but something about it calms me! especially the beauty department videos. lauren conrad & her make up aritst & hair stylist started it to show normal people how to get a certain look. basically, all five videos are common sense and kind of boring, but something about the clean white background, pretty music and text that made me keep watching.

With that said, is it just me or does this video above seem like magic? i am so disabled when it comes to curling irons. I have naturally thick/wavy hair but it never dries the way I want it to, so I just straighten it. When I'm in New Jersey, I often let it just air dry and go. My waves are so much better when I'm there! Maybe it's the water? Did you hear Osama Bin Laden died? There's still a war going on? Many Southern states are suffering devastating consequences after recent storms? Well, let's just keep talking about the things that matter: why my hair is wavier in New Jersey and not as wavy in Georgia.

But rly. Can someone teach my hands how to work a curling iron? And by people, I mean 55 internet followers that I basically don't know in real life? Just kidding, I know about 10 of you. Yeaaahhh, nevermind. I just want tamed wavy hair and not "frazzled Cathy cartoon woman tries to go natural/flowy" because that's what happens when I leave the straightener in it's drawer.

Bye guys, sorry again if you came here lookin' to read about nuclear war! next time!