Tuesday, April 12, 2011

west elm dreams

I'm pretty certain that if someone wanted to pay me to write about how much I love bedding, I'd be extremely content. Well, maybe for a little while. It would have to blossom into a full on bedding appreciation career. Wait, that sounds awful. Maybe I'll just leave it where it belongs: in my obsession file. Bedding (and home decor in general) is one of the top five topics in my obsession file. It just rules. Pillows, comforters, shelves, plates, throw blankets, candles (shut up), beautiful rugs, interesting lamps, mirrors, oh man. Stop it right now before I try to kiss you.

I could stare at bedding online/in person all day long. Sometimes I'll just look at different kinds when I'm at places like Anthropologie, World Market, Home Goods and even Target. I just like to look and dream. I wish I had four beds! Sometimes in class I just daydream about when I'll have a house, or a place with more than two rooms to decorate. OK, enough.

Moral of this post is that West Elm is a place that I discovered in Brooklyn this past December and I fell in love. I want everything from there. The items itself aren't too crazy, out of this world great or anything. The styling, however, is truly inspirational. So wherever I wind up in the next couple of years, there needs to be a West Elm nearby.