Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have the biggest girl crush on Stella McCartney. She's an inspiration as a woman, a designer and an entrepreneur. I'm a big fan of Linda McCartney (her mother) and Paul (her father. obvs.) and I love that although she was born with such a famous and powerful father, she didn't take the princess-y route in life. She juggles being a mother, a wife and the creator of her fashion brand that is constantly growing in countless ways each year. Yeah, she was born with millions and is currently making millions, but it's still admirable to see a woman being powerful both at home and in the workplace. It's about hard work and drive. Being born with money certainly helps, but having ambition, talent and intelligence is something that doesn't cost anything.

I love these photos so much. They're from a 1997 issue of W Magazine taken by Peter Beard, featuring McCartney herself with Kate Moss and Mariane Faithful.