Friday, March 25, 2011


One of my 'flaws' is that I have the urge to spend money alll of the tiiime. Do I spend what I don't have? No. Do I budget and allow myself what I know I can have? Yes. The top places I spend my money (not counting coffee/food/alcohol)? Target, Forever 21 and thrift stores. So is this urge a bad thing? Nah. Am I really doing something bad if it's on a $25 budget? I don't think so. With that said, I need to keep it under control. Maybe reel it in a bit, especially when I'm bored. I tend to want to spend, when i'm not keeping busy. Who doesn't though?

Since I've been home, i've been doing a whole lot of relaxing, sipping on large iced coffee from dunkin donuts, eating a lot (great.), spending time with my mom and helping her with little things as she gets ready to open her new florist/store (!!!). With all of that said, I'm forgetting something else: i've been shopping. I browsed Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and various thrift stores, buying nothing. My one mission was to buy new real people shoes for spring/summer and buy basic skirts that I can wear throughout the spring/summer. Mission accomplished. See! Browsing and shopping is good! It gets shit done!

H&M really served me right in the skirt category. I got three perfect basic ones that I can wear high waisted with tops, sweaters, blazers, tanks, etc. Anything I want. I've been on the search for good fitting and comfortable high waisted skirts that wouldn't make me look like this. On top of stocking up on skirts, i got two pairs of platform/wedge type warm weather shoes that I'm obsessed with. HA! I'm ready for you warm weather. I got a total of 6 items all for under $150.

The next step is to actually wear all of it. I don't wear sweatpants, sweatshirts, tee shirts, sneakers, etc. But I tend to stick to two or three looks all of the time so now it's time to get good use out of my spring break purchases and I know I will. Isn't this the most exciting blog entry of all time? Moral of the story: go to H&M if you need basic & versatile comfy skirts that will go with everything for warm weather. And also don't wear high waisted things unless they fit you really well or else you will look like this or this.

Another moral of the story: Reece Hudson bags are wonderful. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with the rest of the post but i'm the boss here. I stare at these bags and dream about what they feel like. Do it. Imagine how smooth and perfect feeling the leather and details feel. Next step, saving $400+ to spend on a clutch/bag that will fit simply your cell phone, chapstick, keys and MAYBE a wallet. Yikes. Regardless, Reece Hudson bags simply rule and one day I will own one....when I have $400+ to spend on a clutch/bag that will fit four things. Or maybe Target and Forever 21 will produce a knock off. What?