Friday, March 25, 2011

cell piece pitchas

one of my favorite places to be. cozy in my savannah apartment with the tv on and the computer on my lap. technological overstimulation. oh well. i'm fine.

so, i'm not cool. i don't have hipstamatic mobile pictures because i don't have an iphone. but i was going through my blackberry picture album, attempting to clean it out and i figured i'd post a bunch of them. i never post personal pictures but being in a long distance relationship, i take lots of mobile pics throughout the day of funny things or of me (so myspace, i know.) to send and a lot of the time i just do it for me to look back on too. i'll do this every now and then on here since IM THE BOSS AROUND HERE ANYWAY!

never ever will i get sick of the beauty of low country landscape. this was taken one saturday afternoon at palmetto bluff, south carolina. those little things on the water resembling leaves are actually oysters. and yes my new jersey ass asked 'are those leaves?'. they are not.

my nieces came to stay with me! check out both the hello kitty & leopard print blankets that i use on the daily.

maya and acey frolicking on the beach at tybee island, ga.

the classic car accessory that every girl on the go needs to give her car just a little something extra. available in a variety of different colors, designs with simple and to the point messages that are sure to make everyone on the road do a double take asking "where did they GET that? i need one".

because i do. i love michael. but this made me die laughing for a while, ive got to admit. you know some bitch is walking around with one of these seriously on her keys.

my dad and his girlfriend judy spent a month at their house in bluffton, sc in february which meant plenty of hanging out with them. i cooked them dinner one night and that's what it looked like. roasted yukon gold & sweet potatoes and garlicky spinach. not pictured: meatloaf. trust me, i make a good meatloaf. glamourloaf.

my k9brother Jake the Dog was not impressed by my cooking skills. stealin' his thunder much?

dressed like a stripey-guy.

my best sista-frands abby & jessica drunk in red bank one night over winter break.

delicious macarons from the macaron cafe in nyc.

drove behind this car for way too long on victory rd. in savannah. yes, car, i do look nervous because i am nervous. what's up freakshow.

while taking way too many mobile pictures of a toddlers n tiaras episode to send to my boyfriend for the lols, this gem appeared on screen for what seemed like a second but has made me the proudest photographer for capturing this moment. it's actual gold. worth millions in 'lol dollars'.

never will i expose/exploit my boyfriend on here because that's sort of terrifying for him i'm sure. but this picture kills me every single time. he's hugging a dog. come on, world.

that guy up there hugging the dog sure knows how to send me the best pictures. kathy geiss all the way.

this was once anna wintour's gown. she donated to the SCAD museum and we looked at it during a field trip for my history of fashion class. This is a light green Galliano dress, hand beaded and clearly elegant. Will you look at the size of that thing? Wintour is a fucking fat ass.

The Fashion Gods will strike me down with a lightning bolt for forgetting who designed this. I think it's vintage Max Mara? Anyway, it's made of fur. Not just any fur, but the fur from baby lambs. Not just any baby lambs though. Lamb fetuses. Discuss amongst ya selves.

Dressed like a boy this past weekend in the Goodwill dressing room. What? It was raining and that coat is my comfort zone.

Dressed like a girl. Sweet manicure. No nose ring. No expression.

new shoes. purchased to help me practice walkin' tall in big girl shoes without falling on my ass. once i've mastered it, i'll spend more than $40 on a pair.