Wednesday, March 23, 2011


rest in peace, elizabeth taylor.

queen of old school hollywood glamour, great eyebrows, michael jackson bff, marriage addict, philanthropist and over all beautiful movie star.

I want to be an old person and say "they don't make 'em like they used to", but what do I know. I was born in 1988. The way they made them in 1988, is the way they're making them now. But not like Elizabeth Taylor's time. Just enough scandal, without upskirt paparazzi pictures and sex tapes. True, honest style and jaw-dropping womanly curves. No Access Hollywood or Perez Hilton, but if there was, they would eat Elizabeth Taylor up. The girl loved her men and they loved her back. Good for her. While reading an article about her life this morning, my eyes got tired at how endless it seemed to be. A lot of tragedy and a lot of triumph and absolutely no sitting around being mediocre. That kind of rules. A lot.

PS: i took my nose ring out. It's gone. I'm growing up and i don't need that shit on my face anymore. I didn't like people judging/having negative opinions about something on my face that didn't even need to be there. During the past month or two, like a Grandmother, I thought "Jackie O, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor would not have a hoop through their nostril". So I will make this about me (that's what blogs are for right?), and dedicate this piercing farewell to good ol E.Taylor. You sassy diamondy broad, you.