Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm super late recognizing Valentino's collaboration with Gap this past fall, but here I am. Recognizing it. I was reading this article today, completely enamored with the woman in it, and completely enamored with her ruffly army green jacket. What is better than something as masculine as a military inspired green jacket with feminine details? The actual best of both worlds, right? Correct. However, the more I looked at the entire collection, the more I cringed for most of the women out there. Ruffles in those places? Right. If you can't sense it, i'm giving the collection a dirty look.

Any woman in her right mind, unless you're a 7 foot tall supermodel (and in that case, you can wear the skins of four dead llamas and it would be completely fine for the most part) would wear pants with ruffles at the crotch, upper thigh, hip area. Let's all agree about that. The skirt is really pretty, though.

The jacket pictured above on Jane Herman? I want you so bad, jacket! I want you so bad! One issue, that I and so many girls face..having boobs & not wanting to have overpowering shoulders. Placing a clusterfuck of ruffles right in that area is kind of stepping into "Crazy Big Aunt/Family Friend At the Wedding" territory. Oh, there's Linda (my name is not Linda but it's the ultimate middle aged woman name) again with the ruffles on her tits again! (I don't have an aunt like that so I don't know where I'm grabbing this scenario but i KNOW it's out there.)

You can't win em all. And hey, since i'm months behind on this and it's not even available in the US, I can sit soundly. All is well. It's going to be fine. But good God i'd risk looking like a busty frazzled middle-aged woman any day to get my hands on that gem.

Side note: I know there are tragedies and disasters going on all over the world, so don't come here to hear about that stuff. I'm all about dissecting fucking ruffles. what is the real world? i know nothing about it. lol jus playin