Saturday, February 19, 2011

friends at the park. hi i'm on the end.

this weekend was beautiful. i pretty much spent everyday outside enjoying the perfect weather and the pretty scenery all around me. park time with friends on friday and then today i explored a different part of the area with my dad and his girlfriend. i love finding new places/sights to see that i've passed so many times but never knew it existed. especially when those places are so dreamy.

spending time with the ones i love, mossy trees, detailed architecture, perfect breezy weather, sunshine, palm trees, southern hospitality, delicious food, driving with the windows down, etc. I know one day i'll have to leave here but thank god it's not right now.

this week i was a sad girl, dreading the weekend because it wasn't going to be like last weekend but life is cool in a lot of ways and i just appreciate all of it. i think being in love really helps make your outlook on things 10 times more shiny and happy. yeah that's cheesy and cliche but it's true.