Friday, January 14, 2011

friday night

does anyone remember this song & how good it was/is? I haven't listened to it in so long.

Tonight i'm on a mission to stay in (mission already accomplished), hang pictures on my newly painted wall in my room, download new music, watch Party Girl on netflix, light my favorite candles, eat rice & drink green tea (nursing a sore throat and ear infection. grOsS.) and have a facebook chat date. the end. oh yeah and i should probably do some research for all of my projects due this upcoming week.

i'm going to stay in more on weekend nights because not only am I trying to save money, but I truly like just being in my cozy apartment. Last night I had dinner with some girl friends at the delicious Blowin' Smoke bbq (great food & great beer. hello southern food & purple haze!) and that was just right. Just good food and good company. No need to stay out til 4am. Maybe that will happen tomorrow night (because let's face it, staying out til 4am is fun too) but who knows. It's nice to have the option/freedom to do it when I feel, but "going out" all the time has lost its appeal a bit for numerous reasons. Maybe i am growin' up a bit.