Thursday, October 21, 2010


i have a love/hate relationship with the Kardashians.

Sometimes I find myself watching the show and laughing at it but most of the time i'm rolling my eyes. I get a kick out of them though somehow. Khloe is genuinely cool and funny. Kris is so crazy and mom-pimp but i'm kind of into it. Kendall/Kiley is whatever. Kim is beautiful. Bruce is a candle wax face but his frustration and "dAaww these c-r-a-z-y girls!" attitude is kind of charming. Let's face it, Rob is sexy. And Kourtney? Her voice is obviously as bad as pouring burning olive oil into your eyeballs but her style is.on.point. I think she's the best dressed and adorable.

And sorry, the way she clutches onto that baby like he's a fucking human Hermes Birkin bag is just wonderful.