Saturday, September 18, 2010

staaand bacckkkk

kind of goin' through a bit of a 'bleh' moment lately. there are certain things that are going perfectly in my life and others that are very monotonous. all of it, however, is out of my control. i just have to feel it and look forward. life is exciting but i kind of want to just be and feel what i'm feeling. good and bad. it's like i know what i'm doing, know what i want, but also have no idea how i'm going to get it. make sense? whatever. i strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. good or bad moods. all of them last a short while and are happening for a specific reason. i always learn things when i'm in a rut.

my cozy home makes it reeeally hard to want to go out at night, that's for sure. atleast it's saving me money and liver enzymes.

oh yeah? while I was whining up there, I forgot to mention the fact that The Sartorialist & Garance Dore came to my school today & i got to hear them talk up close and personal. No big deal, right? such a dream come true. they were amazing.

in other news...i love stevie nicks and how cheesy and good this song is. like, come on. it's like if a purple fringed jacket suddenly morphed into a song, it would be this one.