Wednesday, September 15, 2010

dylan thomas

i love these photos by dylan thomas. these interiors are gorgeous and I love the juxtaposition between modern furniture/design mixed with gritty, classic, vintage design & knick knacks.

sorry i have been neglecting this blog a bit. i've been trying to get things together for the Savannah Street Style blog. And by things, i mean getting my confidence together so I can approach people 100%, and get their pictures and ask them questions. I think with a week in, I'm at a 72% confidence in the whole approaching thing. That's not so bad, right? I know myself. I'll figure it out.

This quarter is exciting at times but also not. One class is going to be a challenge and out of my comfort zone (3d design), another class will just be a relaxing and refreshing time (20th century art history) and the other is exciting as haaaale (fashion aesthetics and style). I have a concept for a garment already in the works which = fun fun fun. I'm not being sarcastic. The hours and hours I put in on the two garments I made in my intro class was literally one of the most challenging and fun times EVER. So i'm ready for this one, and I feel like I'm a little more experienced now.

Tomorrow is the first Thursday night out now that school is back in session, aka: it's going to be eventful. Yes.

ps: this is fat, but does anyone else love The Great Food Truck Race on food network? i'm so into it. next week is the finale and I just need Grill Em All to win. I love them. They're so cute and who doesn't love a burger? I mean, i guess a lot of people don't love a burger, but I don't want to know them.

On a not fat note....Rachel Zoe...I've had enough. I've decided that I really can't stand her. Of course I love her taste and style, but the way she moans and groans in that voice like fashion is literally life or death? fuck off, for real. I know someone else out there in the fashion loving world agrees with me. She kind of makes me want to hate fashion, don't you agree? Luckily I don't hate it, but she pushes me to that place. Fashion is a business and business is hard, but I feel like this reality show really makes a mockery of the industry and those who are interested in it.