Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my new home! (part two)

okay, so this afternoon while waiting for the internet cable guy (who didn't even show up) I decided to snap some pictures of everything that I didn't take pictures of last time around my new house. my new chair is complete, and everything is in it's place so hey, take a look! pretend you don't see the wires that may or may not be lurking in various corners. i need to figure out how to hide those.

Now, this chair was found by my brother at I believe a garage sale? Or somewhere? I'm not so sure. but it was in really bad shape, with the cushion basically deteriorated and the springs popping out. It's extremely old and the wood detail and overall appearance of the chair screamed potential. So, i chose a fabric and had it reupholstered.

Originally I wanted to get a really geometric and modern printed fabric to cover it. I wanted a contrast between the extremely old look of the chair with a newer, younger print. But of course, i changed my mind and resorted back to what I love best. I decided that my back up plan (or should i say "always plan") would be to have the chair look as if it would be present in Marie Antoinette's bedroom. This chair is going to be with me forever whether it likes it or not.