Sunday, August 1, 2010

Erdem - august/winter 2010

The colors? Yep.
How great is this Erdem collection? It's my dream happy medium between my love for prints & dark grungy colors. The best of both worlds, if you will. (if you're living in a 1994 revival world mixed with modern prints, puff sleeves & belted beautiful silhouettes, that is. not a bad world to live in if ya ask me.) The mix of textures, the clinched belted waists with the voluminous bottom, the blue-greens and mustards SOMEHOW working perfectly together like they were made to be married.

I just love floral & paisley prints just as much as the next girl but after awhile there is a thin line between looking like a member of the Babysitters Club or a version of your 6 year old self and a sophisticated, classic, and well...mature look. There is a very thin line. It's almost invisible, and I'm pretty certain that I stomp over that line all the time and venture into the time machine of 6 year old Sarah. I'm only missing a Barbie in my hand and one of these in my mouth.

To make a long story short, with low funds, tons of thrift stores at my hands, unbearably hot weather and a liking for comfortable floral baby doll dresses...I'm at a 90's vintage standstill. I'm even wearing a denim vest right now as I speak. But you know? I like it. It's what I want to do right now, and it's what a bunch of other girls (and designers) want to do right now too. I really feel drawn to the 90's inspired fashion not because it's trendy, easily accessible through not only thrift stores but forever 21, urban outfitters, gap, etc. but because I like a lot of things from that era. About 90% of the music I listen to is from the grungy-early 90s years. So whatever. It's just my thing right now. Let me have that thing, okay people with the sassy comments?

To me, shopping at thrift stores and poorly (and by poor, i mean a budget of $15) imitating the casual street wear trends right now (and those trends are guess what: thrift store inspired looks.) is so easy and fun don't you think? It's totally do-able right now for me because I'm not real yet. I'm prancing around in 100+ degree weather, going from out of this world freezing classrooms, to hellish outdoor temperatures then right back into my air conditioning. This is not a season to spend money on, plus I'm just a 21 year old kid. I'm having fun with it. However, it's frustrating. It's too hot to really care.

While I wear my florals, paisleys, loose comfy gently used clothes that make me happy....i still want fall so bad. Which leads me, again, to the looks above. SO beautiful. All of the collections for Fall and Winter make me want to dream a little dream of 50 degree weather where tights, boots, cardigans, coats, scarves, and denim rule. Or even 60 degree weather in October, that's fine. This IS Savannah. Get what you get. But I am just so in love with looking at all of the brilliant fall collections because a lot of it reminds me of one of my favorite times in fashion for women which is the late 70's early 80's.

So we will see. I'm basically going on a "i don't care. just get me into air conditioning" fashion hiatus. c-yuh. i'll be over here in easy breezy 1993.