Saturday, August 28, 2010

anthropologie displays

so, here are some photos from the atlanta trip to anthropologie. now that i look back on the photos i took, i wish i took more. but you'll get the idea. the coolest part of this whole trip was reading the main concepts that anthropologie sent us weeks before through email, in detail, describing how the displays would be set up. we concentrated on two displays called "Mabel's Lane" and "Diener".

this was the display in the front of the store, part of the "Mabel's Lane" concept. It was supposed to resemble an old artist's space that is both a kitchen and a porch, inspired specifically by artist J Morgan Puett. Very rustic, outdoorsy, natural and whimsical. We were encouraged to bring old paintbrushes, crusty/used paint supplies so I brought a bunch that I had left over from the past year.

I really loved how this turned out and loved the items that were featured in the display. Obviously kitchen themed, with adorable aprons, cookbooks, latte bowls, Nathalie Lete's collection (i love everything she designed so much!) It was basically supposed to make you feel like you were in an artist's kitchen that was also a porch? Make sense? Hopefully. Either way, it turned out really beautiful and airy, and seriously look into J Morgan Puett's work because i'm in love with it and you will be too.

next up was the Diener concept. Not to be confused with "diner", this display was supposed to feature, once again, kitchen items but in a setting that was reminiscent of a diner/cafe but using paper items to decorate. See all those stacked dishes? Well, they're just paper plates hot glued onto each other (i have hot glue gun burns to prove this). The walls are covered in paper checks. We were encouraged to fill out fake orders onto them to make it look like they were real diner checks. I loved that! It was so fun and I think it turned out perfect.

I did not help on these displays but I thought they were so great anyway so I took pictures of them. We also helped hang pretty pink umbrellas on the high ceilings (we just untangled the yarn and strung them and let the real employees get up on the huge ladders. not me. hale no. get me away from any ladder.) over the cash registers. the whole store is huge and complete decor porn, so if you're in the atlanta area, go over there and check it out.