Thursday, July 1, 2010

larry king

i'm typing this from my makeshift 'office' in the corner of my kitchen, located chic-ly next to my sink, right by the window looking out into the tiny backyard. it's the only place i get a really good internet signal. IM FINE WITH IT (for now). it's good because it makes me not be on the computer 24/7 until my eyes fall out of my head and i can keep close tabs on my 'pet'.

My pet, you ask? Oh, it's simply my cat. Well, it's not mine but he lurks around the yard (that I share with two other people but whatever) and i named him Larry King. Now, by my use of the words 'him', you may think "ah, yes it's a male cat, right?". My answer to that is: i have no idea what it's gender is. It's rather mysterious this way. Listen, the whole "i like animals" thing is relatively new for me, so it's a start that I even like this thing instead of giving it dirty looks or shoo-ing it away. I guess this is called 'going with the flow'.

Larry King just fits. The name works with the personality and also the appearance. This cat is kind of an asshole but that's fine by me. A loving asshole that turns his nose up at the water I put in his bowl but will make eye contact with me. I often find him sprawling his body out in the sun on hot days. Livin' the high life. Sometimes he'll cry at my door but for the most part, he's in it to win it. Just trying to get his, and i can't argue with that. I support it. If he somehow got in my house, however? That's when shit gets weird and this whole Larry King and Sarah relationship is over. We know our boundaries.