Saturday, July 3, 2010

someone else's home

i love this house so much. the colors are so great together and the little knick knacks around the house are so interesting. thank god for design*sponge. also- when did orla kiely have a line at target? was this years ago, or recently? i think i'll need to hit ebay for that. i love her prints.

my apartment is really coming together. tonight will be the second time this weekend that i'm having guests over for a little wine & hanging out. it's getting cozier and cozier by the day and I often don't even want to leave here. it's just a little nook that you want to lay and listen to music in all day. normally it's 90+ degrees out but today's weather was beeeeaaautiiiful (70 degrees and breezy!), so hopefully we can sit outside tonight without anyone's skin melting off.

the other night, i hung a bunch of different sized pictures/framed prints in my bathroom, and in my opinion it turned out nice. I just stare at it all the time. I also hung white christmas lights around the doorway to get to the kitchen. one of these days i'll post pictures but everything i take doesn't do it justice. someone that has a professional camera and wonderful photography skills, get ya ass over here and take some bright & airy pictures of my new bachelorette pad!

i'm convinced there is a ghost upstairs that moves furniture around when the girl who lives there is at work. this is only annoying at 730am. maybe it's just her. who knows. ghosty better keep himself up there and never down here.