Sunday, June 6, 2010


i just came across this and hope it's true!

last summer I was on a Beatles wives' kick and read a lot of their biographies (yoko ono, linda mccartney and patty boyd). Linda McCartney is my absolute favorite. I love Paul (although John Lennon is my fav), but i especially love his relationship with Linda and their children (yay Stella McCartney!).

It's cool to read about the women that have influenced these great men and their careers/lives. Especially women like Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney who already had their own thing going on before they met their husbands. They weren't just groupies that these guys wanted to have a good time with. They were smart, beautiful and strong women with their own dreams and opinions who were already mothers. It seems that good men usually get smart after going through the dumb girls/models/groupies and settle down with women who know themselves.

Linda wasn't really known for being conventionally beautiful, glamorous and fashionable but I see it differently. I like her simple "this is me", somewhat frumpy style. One of my favorite eras for fashion is the whole 1970s (sometimes early 80's) layered, simple, 'woman on the go' look that Woody Allen depicts in a lot of his movies (think "Hannah and her Sisters" and "Manhattan") Simple colors, trench coats, simple hair, comfy layers. Linda kind of represents that also. She had a family, her photography, her life. She wasn't trying to be a fashion icon but I think that when a woman isn't necessarily trying, it makes her even more stylish. It's just real life, functional beauty.

Linda McCartney breaks my heart and I really do love her photography and what she left behind on this earth. This documentary would be cool to see.