Friday, June 4, 2010

above photos are from the beautiful blog pandora. her room/decorating kiiiilllls me. so pretty and european. i love the marie antoinette inspiration.

being home is nice. i've been spending a lot of quality time with my mom, and i even spent two days at the beach gettin' a little less ghost like and a little more lobster like. tomorrow i'm going to a town yard sale in Ocean Grove, which is one of my favorite little beach towns. i can't wait. i want to stock up on some stuff for my new apartment even though i've accumulated quite a lot. i'm on the search for a chair but it'll be better to find one in savannah rather than here for obvious reasons (y'all i can't carry a chair on that aeroplane with me now ken i!)

i keep daydreaming about being back in savannah, even though it is going to be one big puddle of heat and sweat. but really, i'm enjoying just being home for a while. it feels nice.

oh yeah and i saw sex & the city 2 last night and LOVED it! who cares if it's cheesy, it's fun and i'll always love that show.