Monday, May 10, 2010


For one of my final projects in my fashion design class, we must pick five up & coming designers, make a spiral ring laminated book, complete with photos from each collection, information about each designer and our own descriptions of the collections.

with the help of many blogs that I read daily, i have found a bunch of great new designers. The hard part is picking which five to use. one particular collection that I want to feature is Lover's Spring 2010 looks.

It's clearly very wearable, with an almost a peasant-like look to it, with the simple belts tied around the flowy, feminine fabrics with a very relaxing color palette. Sucks I have to love calm, soothing, neutral colors so much because with my skin tone, all of it washes me out and makes me look unstable but oh well whatcanyado. I love the black, denim and subtle patterns thrown in there to balance it all out.