Tuesday, April 20, 2010

scad style week 2010

This time last year, I distinctively remember sitting at the King's College library in Wilkes-Barre, PA, writing a paper on the computer for some subject I don't even remember. In between typing pages and pages of whatever, I kept perusing the SCAD website looking at the list of people set to appear and lecture at SCAD Style Week. I remember reading the names of these powerful and influential people in the industry that were going to be there and with each one I went through, felt more jealous and upset.

It's like that dream or scenario where you're struck somewhere and the world is moving around you so fast and with such excitement but you can't get to it. I was stuck at a college in the middle of nowhere, with an acceptance letter to SCAD for Fall 2009 but still no way of possibly attending this great event.

This year? It's a whole other story. I finally get to go. Not to brag or anything but...is this list of people not amazing? the full schedule is on the website i featured above (I believe some are open to the public so if you're in the Savannah or Atlanta area, look into it!) Here are the ones I will absolutely try and attend:

kelly cutrone, fern mallis, derek lam, michael bruno, chris benz, kelly framel (of one of my favorite blogs the Glamourai), the screening of Handmade Nation, keegan singh, and last but not least, Hammish Bowles!

This will be a busy week but i just don't care. I can't wait to hear/see all of them. My, how things can change in a year. (I think that's the main idea for this blog.)