Saturday, April 3, 2010

savannah neighborhoods (part two)

columns & chairs on my porch; my favorite spot..

bull street library!

the walk home from class..
a famous building in Savannah nicknamed the "Gingerbread House", which is located behind my home.

okay, so here is part two of my savannah neighborhoods post. i'm sure no one ate, slept or thought about anything else during these 24 hours while you had to wait. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, it's fine now because here I am, presenting you with more photos and facts about my lil' old town. ITS FINE NOW.

this time, I just want to write a little ditty about my very own neighborhood. I always get confused at what exactly this part of town is called. Starland District? Thomas Square? I even heard someone call my street "Millionaire's Row" which..makes no sense, but apparently it was once called that in the past.

I live on a main street that is lined with beautiful old Victorian homes, huge mossy trees, the occasional homeless person, and tons of...quirk. This is the nicest ghetto you'll ever want to live in! However, I use the word 'ghetto' lightly because everyone thinks my area is the ghetto and in many cases it somewhat is, but it's a beautiful and often safe ghetto. I never feel like I'm in danger, but maybe that is because where my house is, it's the best place to live in this area. It's right near a couple of cute places to eat, an old library, two SCAD buildings and minutes from Forsyth Park. However, a couple steps in the wrong direction and shit may get weird. But hey, it's a city. This area is filled with students, some normal people and a lot of lost souls.

Sitting on my porch is very entertaining. This area is filled with historical, huge pretty homes with crackheads that sometimes roam by. That's why I think Savannah is so shocking when people realize just how unsafe it can be, because it's so cute and charming even in it's most dangerous sections.
pizza place & bridal dress shop behind my house..

sometimes cute old people sit on that porch all day

With all of that said, I live in a very old mansion that is divided into four apartment units with a security system. Be careful or else my upstairs neighbors may lasso you! Sometimes I walk out my door and walk to class and feel like I'm in a little European city. That dream is sometimes shattered when something offbeat happens like when a crazy woman with no teeth asks me for a cigarette or when I realize that there needs to be constant police supervision & a metal detector at the LIBRARY. But I wouldn't change a thing.

Savannah is a quirky city and I think that my neighborhood is overloaded with quirk. This is my home, and I love it. So don't let it's reputation scare you, and wander on over.

Here are some cool places in my neighborhood that I want to ShOut OuT:

Back in the Day Bakery - I used to work there and it is one of the best bakeries in the country. It is decorated adorable, the food is delicious, unique & the staff does their best to make sure you have a truly sweEet experience! so go, if you haven't already. Be sure to order the chicken pesto panini (i have prepared & also ate ..probably way too many to even count) and of course their famous cupcakes. They also make a delicious chocolate iced chai. I can go on and on about this place :) It's magical. The owner Cheryl is also pals with Paula Deen and has been featured on two episodes of her show. She is such a sweetheart. Go There!

Cafe 37th - this place is open for lunch, dinner, breakfast and just opened up it's own little bakery. It is located in a really adorable building with outdoor seating too. They have delicious sweet tea!

Abercorn Antiques- This place is beautiful and is filled with gorgeous antiques and other interesting items. I always almost crash my car when I pass by because I'm always trying to look inside the windows at the beautiful wares.

The Wormhole - this is a kind of grimy, dive bar that is dark and dreary but extremely charming in it's own way! Cheap drinks, very laid back, all sorts of characters in there. There is even a taxidermied bird that lurks in the corner, videogames and pool. They always have good local bands there also.

Color Boxx Hair Salon- I've never been here but I've heard good things. my roommate got her bangs done there and they look adorable. I love the logo and the looks of the place so I'll have to go there soon.

Pizza Rustica- located literally footsteps from my door (U GUN StALK ME NOW?) with really delicious pizza, in the cutest old house. I always get spinach, onion & fresh mozzarella pizza. Who cares, i know. but i just had to throw that in there. It's the perfect place to have so close because when I dont feel like cooking and have a couple buckz to spare, I call them up and things are taken care of.

Cha-Del Liquor- Last but not least, my favorite little gem. A diamond in the rough, if you will. A Shakespearean Sonnet of a Liquor Store. Cha-Del's. I was so sad that they didn't have a website but then I realized...why would they have a website. I'm pretty sure they know me as the girl who always asks for the cheapest wine, but they should know me as one of their biggest supporters and also a human that has the balls to constantly give them business. It is not the most charming and warmhearted joint to go in, infact you have to order your items from behind a bullet-proof glass and occasionally there will be a crazy person tryin to talk to you or ask you for quarters. I also recommend going on a day where you feel particularly unattractive because there is always someone loitering outside that will give you some sort of a drug induced whistle! It's all a part of the experience! Viva la Cha Del!