Friday, April 2, 2010

savannah neighborhoods (part one)

one of the prettiest streets in savannah, right by forsyth park (the historic district), gaston street.

today i felt unmotivated, tired, dehydrated and a little sick. I got in late last night from a wonderful time running around downtown savannah with my friends, bar hopping and walking around with our to-go cups (never realized just how great that law is until i got here!). However, this morning I woke up all tired and weird but it was a beautiful day out. Perfect weather, sun was shining and I got my homework for the day done so I decided to pick myself up off the couch (after watching "New York, I Love You", cleaning the house and working on my fashion design project) and go for a drive.

now, i drive through these neighborhoods a lot whether it is to get to places i need to get to or just for a clearing my head drive with the windows down. i figured i'd take photos of them and share with you just how special this city is.

First up is Ardsley Park, which is right near my neighborhood but heading out more toward the less-downtown area called the Southside, where Target & basically every big chain store you could think of are located. The drive there is beautiful, along Abercorn Street.

About a ten minute drive from my neighborhood and probably a 15 minute drive from the downtown historic district is Isle Of Hope. I've written about that section on here once before but I'm it's biggest fan. It's the most therapeutic drive & is so fulfilling to look at. it is the most picture perfect neighborhood that really makes you think about what settling down means. Right now, clearly I'm young and have so much to accomplish before I think about settling down and all of that. However, seeing little neighborhoods like this really make me look forward to the day where I want to have a family and live somewhere like this. When I see homes like these, with the dogs on the front porches, married couples holding hands and little kids on their bikes, it makes the whole idea of growing up & possibly staying in the same place not so scary and more peaceful. These are the types of houses you want to live your life in.

the pictures speak for themselves. just driving through, looking at the houses, the mossy trees & the sunlight totally makes my day better. stay tuned for the next post where I will feature my own neighborhood! WOoOaoOhhh everyone watch out!