Sunday, March 28, 2010

scarf dreams

well, i'm going to go there and dedicate this whole post to a scarf. i'm going to be that person. so if you came here looking for my thoughts on william s. burroughs or transcendentalism, you've once again arrived at the wrong blog. woops!

i found this scarf at a touristy incense, bob marley poster & paper lantern selling store in Savannah. It was in big pile marked "clearance" and I got this guy for $3.00! At first it reminded me of a Missoni print but I was quickly reminded by a gay pal of mine that i was dead wrong (they always know more than me, let's not even argue that) I suppose it's more of an Aztec print. Either way, it's amazing. It's soft, the colors are a great pink, gray and white and it allows me to look less gothic when I wear all black.

I just keep staring at it and touching it all morning, making it big like a blanket and then small and then big again. SCARVES RULE. Don't mind me doing my best to photobooth it up in those low budget pics above. I figure I'd show my tired face just every once in a while on here so anyone who reads this realizes that I am infact a 21 year old girl and not some weird faceless human who is posing as a female fashion student blogger with a taste for feminine details.