Friday, March 5, 2010


Oh, Gwyneth. I was so into those damn GOOP newsletters last year but since I switched emails, I sort of forgot about good ol Paltrow and her advice. I know a lot of people hate her & think she seems snotty and 'holier than thou' but i think she rules. I support her and think she's great! She looks like she's got it together, I'd love to hear about her life and hear her suggestions! Sure! Why the fuck not!

So now I've been catching myself up with all of her newsletters and a lot of them are LOL worthy but for the most part I like it. She has jazzed things up a bit and put out YouTube videos of her cooking and stuff which I'm all for. The video above is her cooking a simple and delicious meal. I need to get goin' on taking care of myself again. I feel like when I first moved here, I was really active with my bike and eating healthy. This quarter has been a big mess of bacon, stress, pizza bites and sodium and beer. Time to change it up!

I love cooking and need to start being creative with it, especially now that the weather is getting even nicer & I found a new favorite spot in the city: Polk's Farmer's Market. It's the most adorable market located downtown on Liberty street. They offer all locally grown produce, baked goods, old fashioned southern BBQ, jarred sauces & vinaigrettes from Savannah locals, flowers, fresh coffee & sweet tea. Everything you'd expect from an authentic southern market. I love it there. On Saturdays they have a little outdoor flea market thing with different items such as jewelry, crafty stuff & antiques.

Today was the actual most beautiful and peaceful day. I have a lot of those here but today was especially one of them. I've been very on the ball with all of my final projects and the weather has been beautiful so I'm trying to make sure I spend as much time outside as possible. Today I decided to go to Forsyth Park's new indoor/outdoor cafe that is located in a refurbished fort in the center of the park. It's one of the best spots in the city! Clean and airy with Starbucks drinks and great sandwiches/scones, with indoor and outdoor seating. I sat and drank an iced chai listening to Neil Young, typing my business plan for my final project & smiling at all the little babies playing on the swings, enjoying the perfect weather and staring at the cute old couples holding hands. Sounds like a cheesy scenario but I don't care!

This city is so great. Sometimes I step outside my door, travel about 2 minutes and I feel as if I'm in a charming European city. Then I hear "Y'ALL" and remember im in AM-UR-ICA (these colors dont run!) That's not a bad thing, by the way.