Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i love the Oscars. I rarely pay attention to any other award show but I never miss the Oscars. The dresses, the nominees, the entire presentation. It's just an exciting tradition and it's one of the only times current day Hollywood resorts back to old Hollywood with the glamour and simply honoring the best talent of the year.

Vanity Fair always does a photo spread with some of the best movies' directors posing with their actors. They are always beautifully done by Annie Leibovitz. Here are my favorites from this year. Now I need to somehow watch every movie nominated for best picture! I've already seen two. Last year I managed to watch every movie nominated because I found a great online site with free movies. Time to search again. Also, today I am staying in my room to get better from my flu/cold. This is awful, even my eyes hurt.

2010 oscar nominations here