Wednesday, February 17, 2010

get up and go

i'm a huge fan of jenna lyons' and her work with J.Crew. I see her as a tremendous role model because she is in the creative fashion world but is looking at it from a business point of view and also from a real point of view. She wants to picture a certain type of real girl, guy or child out there in J.Crew's pieces for the sole purpose of helping them enhance their own personal style. It's not about shock value or what can 'top' the next designer or be more outside of the box. I just love her and her vision.

After a not so lovely and sort of crushing critique of one of my projects, where I felt that my personal taste was sort of put to the test, this was just what I needed to read. It helped me put into perspective the main prize at the end of all of this which is maybe one day working for a company like J.Crew. Who knows. Read it though, it's pretty interesting.

Interview here.