Monday, February 15, 2010

feminine paradise.

i keep checking every chance I get to see each new show at NY Fashion Week every day and my lawd, it's gettin' good. All of these beautiful silhouettes and layers are really inspiring me for my fashion sketches I need to do tomorrow. It's my first shot at fashion sketching, and it's the last step in my fabric project. I designed 16 original prints to go with one mood, and my teacher suggested that I give sketching actual garments with each print a shot. I sketched a bunch of looks to go with the prints and I will do the finished ones tomorrow. My idea was pastel-y, French/Marie Antoinette (surprise surprise) colors and very girly (kinda 'flirty' although i hate that word) silhouettes mixed with linear and geometric patterns. I'm going to try to figure out how to draw fur so I can add that in the designs too, similar to how Vena Cava did it. (SORRY PETA. ) It's fun cause it's not real. I mean, it would be even more fun if it were real obviously, but tons more work & um...drawing it and daydreaming about it is good enough for me right now. I just hope the idea translates well and my teacher doesn't judge/hate it TOO hard.

But anyway- back to Fashion Week. I've been doing sporadic updates on here with some of my favorite collections and I'll keep it up. Here are two collections that debuted today & yesterday and are two of my favorite designers. Enjoy the absolutely gorgeous creations. Can't you imagine people literally wearing these items? I love the mix of textures and the soothing colors, the somewhat-edgy shapes, hint of streetwear (big scarves, comfy jackets, casual belts) menswear (tuxedo jackets/trenchcoats/tophats) but with that glitter/flowy detail. I always love that contrast. These are the type of pieces that make your day brighter. Simple but so stunning.

Erin Fetherston-

Rebecca Taylor-