Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Music is one of the many things that helps me through moments whether they are good or bad. Of course people help me a lot too, and the happier I am, the more I realize how amazing people can be. However, music really does a lot for me.

This particular song by Jenny Lewis just came on my itunes as I was about to fall asleep and every time I hear it, it reminds me of a time last year that I always think about. It was one of those really shitty moments everyone gets when they are unhappy or know that the world is going on everywhere else but where they are. I distinctively remember a moment last year, around this time, after walking from my old college's library all the way to my dorm-apartment in a downtown Wilkes-Barre hotel listening to this song the whole way there, probably two times in a row. I reached my bed and just laid face down with my winter coat and gloves still on, feeling completely numb, listening to every breath of this song, feeling so low. Feeling so dissatisfied and cloudy. I did not know what I was going to do or where my life would turn but knew that feeling numb to life really was not something I wanted to continue doing.

One year later, this song just came on randomly as I laid down, face up not face down, on my bed. Feeling a bit overwhelmed but in a good way, my creativity and my mind being pushed like it has never been pushed before, with happy and positive moments and feelings literally overflowing from my pores. Listening to every breath of this song feeling the farthest thing from low. It is kind of cool how things change.