Saturday, January 16, 2010

My roommate let me borrow this book for the plane ride/trip back to NJ (grandma passed away unfortunately, so i am here for the funeral/wake & to spend time with family til weds night..) and told me that people on the plane would stare at me because I'd literally be "LOLing" at how good it is. And yep, she was right.

I've been a ball of emotions so I'm pretty sure that I appeared quite crazy & unstable throughout the entire 1 hour and 37 minute trip on the tiny aircraft. I went from staring out the window listening to Silver Jews on my ipod crying to maniacally laughing & smiling at how fucking funny this book is, of course with cracker crumbs all over my flannel shirt while simultaneously downing ginger ale (my ~*GO TO*~ plane drink. what a jetsetter!)

Some gals are real traditional and want to fall asleep with a guy, whispering in their ears telling them how ~special~ they are or whatever. Don't get me wrong, that sounds cool & all but I think I'd rather have a guy making me hysterical laugh with their cynical yet completely accurate & hilarious observations about society/religion/america. So reading David Cross' book is really as close as I'm getting to that and that's a-okay with me. I totally recommend this book and I can't wait to fall asleep with it tonight. It is just what I need right now. Good ol' fashioned negative humor.