Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my new roommate

i have a new roommate that is living with me in my room. she is ceramic, all white, kind of a baby with some sort of a chignon hair-do going on, a bit of an old soul. she doesnt talk about herself constantly and even asks me how my day was! wow!

seriously though. i love my little victorian girl bust! I got her for christmas from my brother. It's just what I wanted and is the perfect finishing touch to my crazy old lady shrine in my room. Another thing I added is a framed antique sketching of a Victorian woman in a billowing dress holding a bird on her hand. Art school really needs to start helping me figure out how to describe this type of art/decor. Victorian isnt cutting it anymore. I need specifics! I need to start asking. Sorry the pics are so dark & sad looking. My room is cozy, not a dungeon of dirty loneliness as it appears in these photos. Love ya macbook.